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The objective of the Federation of Montessori 21 Schools is to disseminate Montessori pedagogy to as many people as possible thanks to a wide territorial deployment and tuition fees indexed to the family quotient, while respecting the highest standards of educational quality. While the most recent research in neuroscience shows the relevance of the Montessorian educational approach, we wish to develop a network that places self-confidence, autonomy and adaptation at the heart of learning, while reconciling work and pleasure , kindness and high standards.

In this perspective, the Federation notably provides the schools in the network with:

- administrative, legal and financial support (accounting, administration, treasury, etc.)

- common communication tools (label, website, social networks, flyers, etc.)

- dedicated training (safety, language learning method, neuroscience, etc.)

- sharing of experience, cross-observations, meetings

Le poste

We are looking for educators who already have experience with children (as Montessori educator, teacher, assistant,, etc.) and who want to join a team involved on a daily basis. You will work in pairs with another educator or assistant to manage an atmosphere of 25 to) 30 children.

As part of your duties, in addition to the management and animation of a daily atmosphere, you will be in charge of the care of the atmosphere, the monitoring of children, and regular exchanges with parents.

You will not have to manage children during daycare, Wednesdays or school holidays, in order to devote your best time to your work.

Classes are held Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:15 p.m. Wednesday morning is devoted to teamwork.

Full-time position on a permanent contract, respecting the collective agreement.

Profil recherché

You have already an experience in teaching english in a Montessori environment or in a school with activ pedagogy.

You are benevolent, love teamwork and continuous improvement of your skills, you adhere to our values ​​(educational quality, ecology, solidarity) and wish to enroll in the medium or long term in a school project. 

You already have some experience in managing a group of children.

So join us!

Éléments nécessaires pour postuler

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Toute candidature incomplète ne sera pas traitée par nos services.

Document(s) :

  • Curriculum Vitæ